Indian-American Scholarship Foundation

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Can I get an exception since I don’t have a US Green Card (permanent resident) or United States Citizenship?
    No, an Upakar Scholar must be a US Green Card holder or a US Citizen
  • Does the application need to be received by application deadline or postmarked by application deadline? Can I get an extension?
    The application must be postmarked by scholarship deadline.  There is no exception to the deadline.
  • I really need the money to pay for school; can I get an exception to the eligibility criteria?
    No, an Upakar Scholar must meet the eligibility criteria as listed in the application
  • My school does not do weighted grades/class rank/cum GPA, what should I do?
    Note this on the application and have a school official confirm that by a signature or letter.
  • I was born in India as an Indian citizen. I was adopted as a child and I am now a US citizen. Am I eligible to apply?
    Yes you are eligible to apply. Please review the documentation requirements to include with the application.
  • I am just outside of the AGI requirements. Can I get an exception?
    No. In general, an Upakar scholar is within the AGI requirements. However, if there are more than 4 dependents listed on your parents’ tax return; send an email to with “More than 4 Dependents” as the header. You may be granted an exception.
  • Does Upakar offer mentorships for Upakar scholars?
    Yes, but it is up to the Upakar scholar to contact the Mentorship chair.
  • I did not complete the FAFSA. Am I automatically disqualified?
    No, but you will need to attach a clear and concise explanation to the scholarship application as to why you did not complete the FAFSA.
  • There are many personal questions about my parent’s finances. Do I need to answer all of them?
    Yes, they are the basis of the Upakar scholarship determinations. Please remember the Upakar scholarship is both a merit and need-based scholarship and we need to confirm both. Any application that does not fully answer the application questions will be disregarded. Please get your parent’s help with this section if needed. If you are not able to access the financial information, send an explanation to with “No parent financial information” as the header.
  • I would like to drop off my application personally; can I make an appointment or drop if off somewhere?
    No, if any attempt is to contact the board members directly or influence the decision making process will cause an application to be disregarded. Please mail it to the PO box address listed in the application by the application deadline.
  • I live in India and want to come to America to study.  Can I get an Upakar scholarship?  
    No, an Upakar scholar must be graduating from an US based high school.
  • I am in Graduate school or already in college, can I apply?  
    No, the Upakar scholarship is only for high school seniors going to college.